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  1. Hey guys! Its Sophia again. Im always posting threads asking for all you guys' help, you all are the best.

    Y'all know I recently puchased a White MC Alma late 2007, I have not taken her out once. The bag is growing away from me, as is the ENTIRE MC collection. I thought the collection was stellar, and when I finally purchased an item of it, I feel its to pop, and should I say boring?

    I rekindled my relationship, haha, with the usual Monogram Canvas, I really feel that MC isnt for me anymore, but theres apart of me that stills wants on MC item in my collection, even if Im never going to use it.

    I can sell it and make money, that could go towards my Monogram Stephen, and or something of that calibar. If I sell it I will have around 2,500 USD. Which is alot, and this is my purse money. I can also keep funding my Chanel obbession. Or, I can save for my Hermes Birkin.

    There are so many choices, but I feel like I can't make this decision on my own, so I need y'all's help.

    So, should I just keep the MC Alma, even though I really am not fond of it and wont use it and just keep it in its dustbag and in the closet, or should I sell it and fund my other obbessions?


    Sophia. :heart:
  2. If you aren't using her, definitely sell her and put it towards something you will use. I hope you get the Stephen!
  3. Thanks John!

    You see, the Stephen just seems so practical and yet chic to me, it looks gorgeous!
  4. If you're not using it and don't love it, Sell It.
  5. I say definitelly SELL her if she is not going to be used as there is no point of that beauty just sitting in the closet with no love.

    However, you say that there is still a part of you that wants an MC bag .... so maybe the ALMA just wasn't for you and another MC bag is? :shrugs:

    Either way, put the funds you get from selling the Alma towards that *2DIE4* Mono Stephen and maybe later on down the road another MC bag will grab your attention.
  6. Hello LV Diva, I dont know. The Alma just doesnt feel right. I have used a Mono Alma, and loved it, so iconic and classic. But, its the MC canvas thats bothering me, I dont see my using it, and I cant see myself picking it up and using it. I just stare at it alot...
  7. Sell and get that Stephen you've been wanting ... hold off on the Birkin for a little while ... the Stephen would look cuter on you!
  8. whoa sophia. i though yu loved yur alma to death!

    i would sell it if yu really dont think yur gonna use it.


  9. omg i totally agree!
  10. Sell to save for your Birkin!
  11. Sell it and get whatever you want PLUS a small MC piece, like a Wapity or wallet.
  12. ^I agree. I'd sell it and save for a Stephen or a Birkin :drool:
  13. Sell it and go get a Stephen! That is certainly a bag that won't sit around un-used, you will adore it!
  14. Im crazy for Birkin!
  15. Haha, thanks! Im in love with Birkins though, my aunt lets me use hers, but I want my own!