Help me! Should I keep this Prada sandal?

  1. Hey everyone...
    I just bought this PRADA SPORT sandal on the weekend. It costs me 170Euro. But seems theres a little problem with it. I just tried the sandal again, and it making a strange sounds when I walk!!!:Push: Oh my god, its really bothering me!! Its so comfortable to wear, but with a sounds?? U guys think I should return back? I think the sounds came from the sole....its a leather sole.
    I called Prada, and they said maybe its because of the shoes still new...Do you guys think so? Have anyoneone of u had the same problem??? When I would wear it and keep it, and it still making a strange sounds, i cant exchange it anymore right.
    Hmmm... I really love this sandal, its simple and comfortable.:cool:
    What should I do!!:sad2:
    PICT3010.jpg PICT3011.jpg
  2. I have had new shoes do that before,and it usually stops. Some don't stop making noises,but most do. Those sandals are pretty!
  3. It's either a manufacturing squeak, or it's a new leather squeak!

    To test which, i would suggest wearing them on carpet (with socks) for a couple of hours at a time around the house, just to see if they wear in - try this for at least a few days.
    If the squeak then persists or gets worse, you'll know it's time to take them back!

    How long do you have to return them?
    Nice shoes btw!;)
  4. Cute sandals :biggrin: You might want to wear them around at home for a little while, maybe break them in a bit. The squeaking could stop. But, if you're doubting the purchase and it really is bothering you, I'd consider returning them for a pair that's just as cute but isn't as noisy :P
  5. Thanks...
    The return policy :8 days
    So, Im gonna walk around my house with this sandal for few hours and for few days more. I really hope it will dissapear.
    Its a nice sandal, u guys really right. Im actually wanted to get the Chloe flats(mocassin or ballerina flat) but none of them are comfortable to me. But then I saw this sandal,I bought it straight away and love the design but hate the noises..hehe..
    Thanks for the advices, I love this forum!!!!!
  6. Hey Christina, thanks,,,I really beleive the noises will dissapear.
    I dont wanna return back this sandal....
  7. looooove your new sandals!!!it happened to me once that the sole of my new shoes made a strange vanished after a few times i wore them.....i don't think you need to keep back these shoes just for a little noise....they're sooooooooo cute!!=)=)=)
  8. No, dont return them, It's quite common for leather shoes to squeak a little bit, I'm sure it will go away with a little wear.

    They are gorgeous.
  9. i love the sandals. makes me want a pair, and i needs new black sandals and i love prada shoes. i think they are amongs the most comfortable shoes.
    new leather shoes do squeak until you break them in.
    if they have rubber soles, they have a tendency of making more noises.
    but, i think you should keep them.enjoy.
  10. I have like 2 dozen pairs of Prada sports and they have NEVER squeaked! Take them back and get a new pair asap! Seriously...I live in those style shoes and never ever had that for a new must be a defect.

  11. uhoh:amazed: you'd better listen to Jill and take them back pronto.

  12. Hmmm....when I return back and get the new one ( same design) but still making a noises, what should I do then?? confused! the sandal is damn cute!
  13. I dont know if the soles are leather or rubber! I cant decide ..
  14. Listen...I have like the same shoes in various styles!!..I literally live in Prada and Prada sport...that is a defect! Get a new pair..they shouldnt squeek!You dont know till you get another pair..cant hurt to exchange...
  15. I had a squeaky Prada sport sandal...I wish I would have returned them...I could not deal with the squeal...ended up selling them on ebay...