Help Me - Should I Get This Mini?

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  1. Hello everyone,
    Some of you may know I have been searching high and low for a rectangle mini that makes my heart sing. While the man of the house is traveling on business, he found this at the Chanel boutique. He didn't get around to finding out which season its from and I can't find this shade on tPF.
    So ladies (and gentlemen)...should I ask him to buy this pink mini? Do the quilts look puffy enough? Does it look old? It looks kinda old to me.

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  2. Only if you love it. If a little voice is telling you that something is not perfect, then pass. It is too expensive for doubt. Personally though, I think it looks fantastic! I don't care as much about puffy quilts as I do about the symmetry of the diamonds. That one seems to be lining up beautifully. Great shade, not too bright to be taken seriously in most environments. And the ruthenium looks perfect with it. Not sure of the season either.
  3. This is so gorgeous! The color is like old rose :smile: but does not mean it looks old. I love the combination with rhw. I love it!!! If it makes your heart sing, go for it!
  4. I agree, buy it if you love it! I like the color and it looks to be in great shape...I don't mind buying an older bag as long as it's in perfect condition...sometimes the newer bags have been handled a lot more than the older ones that have been sitting in the back untouched for awhile :smile:
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    I have this bag and love mine. The hardware is an aged ruthenium and the quilts on mine are puffy. I would call it 'dusty rose'. It came in the m/l flap and the boy bag if I recall correctly. I was hesitant as I was looking for a black caviar with silver hardware (everyone on the planet is looking for this combination) but came across this one in the store. I was surprised how much it goes with, I wear a lot of denim and neutrals so it is a nice hint of color. I am not a pop colour kind of person so this fits the bill. My tag says 15B1 if that helps and I purchased it in late July of 2015.
  6. wait a couple of days, if you keep thinking of it day and night, then buy it.
  7. I think this pink is a gorgeous color for the mini. I agree with other posters, sleep on it and if you just can't get it out of your mind... then go for it. If not, then I would wait for the exact color and HDW combo that you're really looking for. It should come around at some point. (Patience is a virtue when you're a Chanel addict!)

    It really is a lovely handbag! Good luck!
  8. Omg..its pink..its caviar!! But only if you love it!!
  9. Love this colour & the bag. Looks really nice. I have been looking for a cavier rectangular mini for so long but very hard to find one. Good luck deciding.
  10. Looks nice, I love it, but if you don't feel right, don't get it.
  11. The color is amazing! One of a kind! I think you should definitely get it!
  12. How does it "look old"? And those quilts are puffy as I believe we didn't get this color in a mini in the US. Obviously you don't like it enough or you wouldn't be asking so pass.
  13. Omg, I've been looking everywhere for this pink!!!! Where did you get it?
  14. Where is this bag? I want it if you don't!!! I have been looking for it everywhere!
  15. On a scale of one to ten, how much do you like it?

    I think the shade of pink is great for matching with outfits (versus like a hot barbie pink). I would buy this if it was offered, but I think you also have 14 day return policy.
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