Help me shoe these two dresses!

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  1. I was thinking wooden wedges or espadrilles with brown leather? I "morally" cannot do white with navy. :P So any suggestions? Thanks!

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  2. If this helps shoe 1 or shoe 2?

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  3. how about a muted silver sandal...or just a plain nude strappy sandal?Jimmy Choo makes awesome ones.I just bought a cute pair of silver kitten heels at SAKS.COM.they were only 395 and i got the 150 EGC GC too!so they were almost half that price!
  4. Yikes, yes I would LOVE a jimmy choo! But sadly I am a little short on funds, one day! :tup: But I have some silver sandals that I was actually wearing when I took these, that do work well.
  5. I like the second shoes...I think they would go with a lot! Very cute dresses, by the way!
  6. ^thanks for the opinion! yeah I am looking to wear whatever shoes I get with a white tank dress and a white shirt-dress too.
  7. shoe #2
  8. I would go with some sort of silver gladiator/wrap flat sandal with the first dress - check Urban Outfitters for some less expensive ones.

    The second you could pair with almost anything - is that the Fontana Swiss Dot dress from J. Crew?
  9. Well, out of your options, I'd choose number 1. But personally, I'd wear white shoes.
  10. Iriscole, it is indeed the wrap dress from j.crew, I love it. I'm trying to figure out stuff to wear with it for my job this summer.

    I was thinking about these shoes too thought.

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  11. missmustard and true religion, thanks for your opinions and suggestions!
  12. Oh...wear silver if you have them. They would go great with either dress!
  13. i would wear something like these
  14. Oo, I'm watching some Kors shoes on ebay right now just like the first ones ^
    Thanks for your imput!