Help Me ! Shall I go for it " DEVI KROELL"?

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  1. Hi ,,,

    I'm fall in love:heart: with bag by just looking at the picture " I didn't feel it look at it -in real "
    it's DEVI KROELL - Classic long hobo

    Shall I buy the bag ? ( I attached the bag pic -same color )

    do anyone saw the bag in real or have it ,, pls share your thoughts ?
  2. OOOO I LOVE ITTTTTTTT! :drool::drool::drool:
  3. It's beautiful!
  4. That's gorgeous.
  5. i love it! one of my dream purses is devi kroell! i totally think you should go for it!
  6. One of my friends has one and it looks really nice. I don't know what size you like but I prefer one that is not sooo large.
  7. I am going to go against the grain here...I used to own one of her hobos and while the bag itels was gorgeous from afar, I found that it looked kind of cheap because the scales peel up soooo quickly. So while photos show it as a gleaming and smooth snakeskin, IRL it totally doesn't look like that (you can see so much of the white underside of the scales as opposed to the metallic look on the exterior of the scale).
    Also, I found the strap very uncomfortable and it would rub my shoulder badly.
    I vote no as someone who's been there and not liked it- especially for that amount of money!
  8. Maybe I'm just biased because I could never afford a bag like this hehe, but python is a little much for me. I'd rather have 6+ LVs or some other bags in its place, personally. But if you LOVE it, go for it and enjoy!
  9. I own two and love them but I bought them on eBay for much less. The resale value has not been great (like way less than half....$500 to $1000) so you can score a good deal. I wouldn't pay full retail for one....just wait for a preowned one to show up on eBay or elsewhere.
  10. ^^. That's a good idea. I would just wait until I found one on eBay instead of paying full price for one, especially since its being said that the resale isn't that great. But if you really must have it now, go for it!!! You only live once:smile:.
  11. Thanks everyone ,
    But for me I can't wait for ebay ! especaily I want the "Anthracite" color not any other color ... ( classic long hobo size )

    Please tell me what do you think I have to decide today to buy it or not ????
  12. :crybaby:you are the first one that said that ! Are you sure Devi Korell not Devi Korell for target !!!!
  13. Shall I go for it or wait for S\S 2008 colors will be out April
  14. helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
  15. or shall i go for a diffrenet color ??

    Like Ivory ?