Help me sell my LV Piano

  1. I want to sell my Cabas Piano on eBay but I dont know what to do to get it sold right. :confused1:
    I just started selling I sold 5 bags from Coach to Dooney and did well my feed back is still low its at five 100% positive I think by the end of October I should have 12 from transactions I have pending.
    All the bags were mine. :tup:
    But LV is much more money I bought my Piano last November from LV Saks in SC Plaza but since I have thrown everything away except the dust cover. :hrmm:
    I need your guys-es help on how I should market it how do I prove its real?
    Where is the serial number? and anything else that maybe helpful to the buyer to prove authenticity.
    Another thing I know they are now running about 955.00 I would be very very happy if I got 500. to 600.00 :wlae: for it it is in great condition the only thing is like many of you know its a bit dirty from the bottom on the vachetta I tried using the baby wipes and it works as far as wiping light dirt but I think I need something a little bit stronger :boxing: other than that the vachetta is nice and light just barley starting to get a soft gold color what do you think I can get for my bag?

    Thanks sooooooooo much
  2. Take the best pictures you can in natural light, also be sure to water make them, there are a lot of pic's stolen off eBay.
    If you have the bill you can black out the personal info and water mark it, and include it with the auction.
    You might also want to add a security tag to the bag before sending out, this way if there is an issue and the bag comes back you'll be assured you have your bag and not another,.

    good luck,.
  3. ahhhhhhhhhh :amazed: (Bag Fetish)
    where do I get a security tag
    and water mark them you mean put a special mark with my name or something so they wont be copied?
  4. okay I guess I was moved to the right place kinda, Help!
  5. yes, use irfan view to watermark them, take lots of pictures. good luck!
  6. Thanks for your advice.;)
  7. Why not try running it on craigslist first?
  8. Take good pictures, including any flaws. Show the inside of the bag, handles, zipper pulls, and the Date Code (that is the heat-stamped number on the inside of the bag) but watermark this. You can also include a picture of the receipt (watermarked, personal info blocked out), and offer to send more pictures to interested buyers.

    I don't sell too often on eBay (maybe 40+ transactions in the last 5 years) but I generally only sell gently-used designer items. The first thing I ever auctioned off was a LV agenda, and my auctions went well even with low feedback to start. Just be as transparent as possible (but be wary of buyers who may be trying to scam you!). Also, if your item is in very good condition and relatively new, don't settle for too low a price.

    Good luck!
  9. If you do a Buy-it-now option, make sure you have the immediate payment option on it.

    Also, make insurance MANDATORY as it will protect you the SELLER if the bag is lost in transit.

    Also, if you sell anything over $250 you must send it with SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION, not just delivery confirmation.


    Sometimes a bidder will contact you offering a Buy-it-now amount. I would think long and hard before accepting it as you will almost always get more for the bag if you let the auction run its course.

    Check your bidder's Feedback and recent bids to determine if there exists a pattern of scamming. I think you can refuse/cancel the bid of someone you think might be a scammer.
  10. :flowers:
  11. In the last week or so, I have used the option to only accept bidders registered with paypal and only accept bidders in the U.S.. It narrows the bidding somewhat, but I had 3 deadbeat bidders a few weeks ago-one actually left me negative feedback!

  12. I know its scary the feedback part because you didnt know who you are dealing with I think I will do the water mark put as many pictures as I can describe it well sell only in the US to confirmed addresses and has to have over 6 feedback I didnt want to put it too high because I don't even have it higher than that right now. and start the bidding price at what I want, and make sure the shipping requirements are met before shipping sig, track, ins, all of that lets see how it goes. Im planning on listing it this week.
    Thanks :okay:
  13. Another thing I don't want to be doing returns that is risky business I know you can put something as security but even then their can be problems if they send me another one hmmmmmmm I rather put no returns what do you guys think I mean If I show it and that is what they get then they should not have a problem especially since I know its real but I dont know HELP YOU GUYS! :sweatdrop:
  14. I have never seen LV's for sale on Craigs list but Its scary too because theirs no feedback on their part but their wouldn't be on my part either another thing I don't want them knowing where I live if I do pick up and shipping well I guess its an option.