Help me sell my bags on ebay....PLEASE!!!

  1. I am seriously considering selling my JC Ramona handbag on eBay, but with all of the knock-off auctions already listed, I need some of your advice.
    Any suggestions on how to list it would be greatly appreciated. I have all of the original tags, receipt, etc. What are your thoughts on having My Poupette authenticate it prior to listing it? Does anyone give those authentications any consideration when buying on eBay? I'm open to any suggestions!:okay:
  2. I really need your opinion on helping me sell my handbags on e-bay!! I have several Miu Mius and a Jimmy Choo that I want to sell. What do you think about offering to send the bags to My Poupette for authentication and letting My Poupette forward the bags on to the buyer? I can't think of any better assurance for a buyer than that? I will also suggest that they authenticate it with pictures on tPF, but worry that the pictures won't come out clear enough or will be the images required for tPFers to give a definitive authentication. Any thoughts?
  3. If there authentic bags then just list them showing as much detail as possible in the photos
    fans of this brand should have a good idea as to how ok they are

    dont worry too much now
  4. Don't do that. You need proof of delivery for PP and you will not have it if you send it to MP first.

    Show lots & lots of photos (10-16 or more depending on the bag).
  5. Yes, don't make it too complicated for yourself and things will be fine I am sure. As others have said, tons of photos, clear distancing from counterfeiting, openness to buyers and a listing that suggests someone knows her bags is what I look for when researching possible purchases - I am sure you will be terrific! Do let us know how you get on, and lots of luck. Jump right in!
  6. Thank you all so much for your help!
  7. Lots of pictures (watermark them). Take a picture of all the details...
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