help me select a shoulder tote...please....

  1. If you were wanting a shoulder tote and you weren't really fond of the Cambon line (don't hurt me) nor were you all that crazy out "stiff" bags, what Chanel tote would you buy?

    I like chain handles and soft leather and since I already have the Cerf tote I think I'd like something that closes SA says she has something in the Caviar leather with chain handles but I can't visualize please.....
  2. If you can, drop by the boutique and see what they have.. there are SO MANY, cuz when I called them to ask about totes, they just said I have to swing by. There are just too many to describe over the phone. Good luck!
  3. Here are a couple caviar totes that belong to people on the forum............Hope you ladies don't mind me sharing your beauties! The first bag belongs to pursegal; the second's is dogbiskit's, whose I absolutely love! :love:
    pursegalsf bag.jpg chanel (2).jpg
  4. Ooh, I like "stiff" aka structured - maybe go into your local Chanel and describe what you're looking for?

    Happy hunting! ;)

  5. Can't wait to see what you decide on. Good Luck, and Have Fun!
  6. I saw both of those totes (that Valley described) last Thurs. at NM in Dallas, and they are gorgeous. I would love to have either one.
  7. I THINK dogbiskits chain handle bag was the one my SA was describing over the phone to me....there's one on hold that I'm going to look at tomorrow...can't wait! Thank you, gals!