Tech help me select a new phone - tmobile service

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  1. I have tmobile and am looking for a new phone.

    I had the sidekick 3 but it is too big and the reception is aweful. i need good reception and a smaller phone.

    i like a keyboard but dont really need one. i like internet access but dont really need it. thats it.
  2. I have t-mobile and not by choice. I don't get great service in my house which drives me crazy but I have Blackberry Pearl which is nice. I was thinking about getting the Sidekick 3 though.
  3. i actually dont think the poor reception is always tmobiles fault. i think it is actually the smart phones that are the problem they put so much JUNK on the phones that they forget to put good reception in then.

    i had like i said a sidekick 3, i went out and got a nokia 19.99 prepaid crappy cell phone with NO features beyond a color screen and a phone and it has the best reception. i mean in my house i never got any bars and now i get 4 or 5 most of the time. i even get reception on the subways in NYC. so while i dont want to keep using the pre paid cell all the time, i do think that a different less smart phone than the side kick can give me more bars.
  4. hmm, what about a blackberry curve?
  5. i tried it and it was too much. plus i really didnt like how it handles volume controls during a call.
  6. I've had t-mobile on and off for a few years now. I used to have the Sidekick 2 back in college and it was still bad. I had the razr for a bit of time and I got more dropped calls then I need. My cousin though has had it for like 8 years and she loves it. I guess to each their own.
  7. I have T Mobile and I love it. I've had the Shine, Black berry Pearl, and now I have the curve. You probably won't want the G1 because it's sort of big too..try looking at the's a classy nice looking phone.
  8. I'm with Tmobile and have the BBPearl, but honestly I am about to switch to Verizon, I am so sick and tired of Tmo NEVER getting any cool new phones. I want the BB Storm.
  9. I'd try..the Nokia 5310, which is really cute, or the Nokia 6301 or even the Samsung t339. I don't use the internet much and I've been looking at them.
  10. blackberry curve
  11. thank you all for your suggestions.... an a bump.
  12. I love my T-Mobile Dash. It's been out for a couple years and it's really rock solid [plus I do not use Blackberry as my client is, ummm, very anti Blackberry and it would be in poor taste.]

    The Dash keyboard is super easy and overall the phone isn't too big or bulky. It just feels really good in your hand.
  13. get the blackberry :yes:
  14. does tmobile make a samsung version of eternity? love that
  15. i have tmobile too, my 2 yr contract ended in october and i'm stuck on what to do. i NEED a new phone, and i can presumably get one for a lot less of i sign up with a different carrier. pricewise, for the same services/features, how is verizon compared to tmobile? do they have cool phones? lol