Help me say Good Bye!

  1. Ink friends, dont hate me:shame: . Im just ready to let her go. Its not so bad, someones gonna be really happy to be her new owner, shes a BEAUT:love: !! So for now good bye Ink City and Hello............. the saga continues:yes: :heart:
    DSC03584.JPG DSC03585.JPG DSC03593.JPG
  2. Say it isn't so....who got her?
  3. aaaaaaaaaaw i cried a tear for you!
  4. No one yet:angel:
  5. Aw, she's such a beauty..
  6. awwwwwwwwwww kimmie!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo sad to see your ink city go... But some lucky lady is going to get her hands on it! OMG you really meant it when you said you softened the leather up! It looks super smooshy!!! Good luck kimmie....
  7. Awwwwwww!!! Buh bye ink city, I hope you find a great home :yes::flowers:

    If you were free, I would welcome you with arms wide open, but I cannot spend ANYTHING right now, so I'll have to watch you go to (hopefully!) another PF member :lol:

    Good luck with selling her, ranskimmie :biggrin:
  8. ohmygosh! she must be so sad to be leaving especially after that ~great~ massage you gave her!!!!
  9. Oh, Im thinking she very happy to go after what she went through to get so purdy:lol:
  10. So sad to see her go, but you can now make room for your 04 turquoise which is soo exciting!
  11. Yep. And Im really looking hard for an 05' or older black city:graucho:
  12. Kimmie you are too funny! always shaking up the collection and on to the new thing. good luck with the sale and new quest!
  13. Hi kimmie, your INK City is soooo huggable!:kiss:
    If I have not just purchased one from kattiepie, I'd love to adopt yours!:heart::yes:
  14. awww... good luck! i wish i could buy it from you! hehehehe!!! totally love the INK
  15. aww... after all that massaging and conditioning. you did such a wonderful job. well, i'm sure you'll have no problem finding her a home.
    good luck.