HELP me remove the electronic sensor!

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  1. biggestbaglover, that's so awful. Did you call Nordstrom at the time? Maybe they would've let you ship it back to the store to remove it.

    So I ended up calling Anthropologie, and here is some background which you can see adds fuel to my frustration......when I bought this dress a month ago, it was a little big. I filled out a form to have them find it in a smaller size and ship it to me. A week later, there was a message on my machine. They had found it, but the zipper was broken. Do I still want it if they were to give me a big discount? I called back, and said forget it. Ten days later, I'm looking at my credit card account online. There is a charge from Anthropologie! What is this for? I called the store, and they confirmed that the damaged dress is on its way, but I can return it. They offered to refund me the cost of shipping if I wanted to ship it to the store to return. I said I'll drop by the store. So the dress arrives, and the zipper is so badly damaged that it doesn't even budge. Worse still, it's the wrong dress! They did sell it to me for 50% off though, so kudos for that. Last night, I finally went to the store to return the damaged dress in the wrong style. Before I left I even took pictures of the dress that I am going to keep just in case I needed to show them that they sent the wrong dress. I came home from the mall and decided to try on the dress again. As soon as I pulled it over, I realized the stupid tag is still attached! I was so frustrated. At first, I tried to use a screwdriver in between the 2 discs, and then I tapped it w/a hammer - no luck. I called the store today to speak w/the manager and explain what happened. Again she offered to have me ship it to the store. Instead, I asked her for a discount due to the inconvenience. She asked me which dress it was. I told her it was a sale dress for $80. She agreed to give me 15% off! Yea! I am so happy! I would've been happy w/10% but then again our sales tax is 10.25%! Kudos to Anthropologie stores.
  2. i wouldnt try to remove it yourself- you might rip it or ink could come out!!
  3. I think we should look into this more...there has to be some kind of trick, like magnets or something. The security guard at I talked to at Loehmann's yesterday said there is a way to do it at home, but he didnt want to divulge in case someone would hear him.
  4. When I worked at a retail store we had the security tags with ink, and magnets. I heard along the way that shoplifters would take the items and put them in the freezer to freeze the ink and then use wire cutters to cut the metal pin. We always talked about trying it, but never did.
  5. u could remove it if u have a really really strong magnet.
  6. My sister used to work at Bloomingdales and she suggested, when this same thing happened to me with a pair of jeans from Nordstroms, that I call and at least see what they could do-- at that point I had already traveled an hour back home.
    She said, at her store, sometimes an employee who lived locally could actually stop by and remove the tag.
    You never know.
  7. i used to work in a clothing store and HIGHLY recommend going back to the store. i know it is a pain in the butt, but those things rip clothes SO easily. our machine that took them off would even rip the clothes sometimes.
  8. Its like the world's best kept secret or something! :nuts:
  9. Take it back to the store!!

    Dont attempt to take it off yourself, you could ruin the garment. take that chance and just send it back and let them take it off.
  10. I've heard the thing about the rubber band too, and a friend has tried it and it works on this kind of sensor...