HELP ME - Reese witherspoon's bag

  1. I need to know who makes this bag that reese witherspoon is carrying, like ASAP. Thanks!
  2. The use of colour and the type of pattern makes me think it's Emilio Pucci....
  3. Looks very etro-ish. so that would be my guess.
  4. Ahhh, forgot about Etro... good call...
  5. What about Marni, since she just left the store? I know that she is a HUGE Marni fan, and I have seen her with other Marni bags in the past.
  6. I was going to say Marni too!
  7. can be Marni, Etro....maybe something Vintage?!
  8. OH my, I forgot about Marni... that's also another possibility!!!
  9. I've searched through Marni, Etro and Pucci's websites and still can't find it. Tips?
  10. Check ebay for Marni - lots of Marni bags on there.