help me red or yellow lv mono groom

  1. hi everyone. ;) i went Saks and they only have two agenda left, i like both groom equally. help me please. she can only hold them for 2 days . yellow or red?:confused1:
  2. between the two i like the red more
  3. I like the yellow! A little sunnier! It would make me smile!
  4. Definitely go for the yellow...:smile:
  5. I'd prefer the red one :love:

    Somehow I'd be afraid that the yellow interior would stain more easily as it is lighter, dunno if that's true though :shrugs:
  6. I can't help it - I just love the yellow - such a bright burst of color when you open it. To me the groom with the red - reminds me of Christmas somehow - I know that's silly - it just does. Funny, the red interior on the Damier doesn't do that to me, and I like the new red vernis. I think it's just the combination of the little groom man with the red. Reminds me of a little man bringing presents at Christmas - SO SILLY I know!
  8. cheer red..

    so cute...
  9. I love the red, get the red, not because I love it though! :p
  10. Thats a hard one since I like them both. The yellow is cheerful but I would be afraid of it staining from everyday use. The red one represents romance to me Christmas/Valentines day. :heart: Good luck on your decision..
  11. Yellow, yellow, yellow!

    I am getting one myself (for me red was third choice, I was considering blue groom or the new red vernis agenda.
  12. i just got the red one a few days ago, so i would have to say red. i chose that color out of the three because it's the girliest color and i like that!
  13. I love the red.
  14. Yellow! It's stunning and you won't find many accessories with this color!!
  15. I prefer the yellow ...spring/ summer is ahead so I'd go for the brighter colour.