Help me recreate my Pandora bracelet!


Aug 17, 2006
Toronto, ON
Hi girls - I'm new in this section (didn't even realize it was here until last week!!) I've been reading all the pandora threads, and finally caught up!

I have wanted to recreate my bracelet for awhile now. I collected random beads over the past year (mainly sticking to turquoise) and i'm not happy with it, and am very limited to what i wear it with. I have gotten rid of all my murano beads except the teal ribbon bead, and also put away all the enamel beads.

After reading all the threads, this bracelet really inspired's EXACTLY what i had in mind!

Sooo...i went to the store the other day and purchased these three beads, and planned on getting the blue and orange ribbon murano...

BUT while i was there i saw that the candy stripes have matching green, blue and orange beads so now i'm not sure which to go for? What do you all think? Get all 6 matching candy stripe, or have 3 candy stripe and 3 ribbon muranos?