help me quick....

  1. my next birkin..............28 or 32HAC in chevre? 32 is getting big like the 28 too small. i am over the 30. i like the height of the HAC.............:sad::push:
  2. Think about how you want to use it H. What do you want to carry in it? Will it be weighed down with things for work necessitating a larger bag or just carry your usual things.
    I always carry too many little things so I go for 35s always but if not I'd go smaller.
  3. thanks sus:

    well thats my fear.....i finally bought a 35 that despite being swift is actually kind of heavy (to me). a 32 will be the same heaviness but with the little shorty handles for that longer bag (you now the HAC's have the shorty handles). yikes i just made up my mind 28cm..............:rolleyes:
  4. :yes:

  5. as my son has said to me............"mom you are so silly. why are you staring at your purse?"
  6. THAT IS SO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cutesy:

  7. :pfrom the mouths of why is there a lock? you never lock your bag?
  8. These are important decisions! I'm so glad you were able to come up with the answer yourself. You won't be sorry. It will be gorgeous!!

    Is staring at our bags the same as when boys have to check themselves? Just wondering ...
  10. I'm glad you made up your mind. I was going to suggest you leave it up to fate and which ever one you can find first is the one you were meant to have. Then when the second one comes along you can tell me about it. :graucho:
  11. Well, considering the way I love to fondle and squeeze my smooshy clemence leather, it could be a very very similar experience. :lol:
  12. thanks--its not as though any of those various options are bad but i like to be sure

  13. the mental picture is becoming very clear:graucho:
  14. Having had both sizes, I'm partial to the 28cm which I think has a very feminine and delicate look. I fit everything in the 28cm that I can put into my 32cm Kelly without a problem so nothing gets left behind. I used to find my things swimming around and falling on top of each other inside the 32cm HAC, bought a Bagmate which helped a little but I still felt the bag was just too big for me.

  15. thanks so much--i am following that same path. I just carry so much that i need all that bag. plus a 28 HAC really can be dressy or sporty