Help Me Put Together My Keepall Strap! lol

  1. So I just got my Keepall and I can't figure out how to put the strap together. There's a piece (on the right) that I can't figure out lol where is it supposed to go?!

    Picture of all of them together. I can figure out what to do with the first 3 pieces but the last one is a mistery to me and it's driving me nuts haha

  2. and the evil mystery piece:

  3. Here's my version of it (from the left to the right) :

    First piece: is the shoulderstrap 'in person'. It's suppose to make it more comptable (can't spell) when you wear the bag on your shoulder. Just start slide it up to the middel on 'piece nr. 2'
    Second piece: The strap which you will, with a connection to 'piece number three', hang up in each end of the bag so it is possible to wear over your shoulder.
    Piece three: You see how 'piece nr. 2' with the holes in the end, match the other end on the 'piece nr. 3'. Just put it together in the hole, which makes it good when'r wearing it.
    Last piece: Put it around one of the handels on your bag. It's suppose to make it easier I guess, when carry your bag handheld, so the handels are "locked up" together. That's all.

  4. oooooh I didn't think about that. That would make sense! I couldn't figure out how to add it to the other parts of the strap lol
  5. Can anyone else please confirm what that thingy is for?
  6. I just checked my husband's keepall..he doesn't even have that lil piece anymore lol
    ( I don't know if he ever got it in the first place..he doesn't remember)
    but I'm sure LVuitton is can also attach your luggage tag there as well?
  7. That little piece goes around the handles, to keep them together and make carrying easier. It doesn't go on the strap.
  8. OK, the evil mystery piece is a handle holder.

    The piece on the left is to sit on your shoulder. Put that on the LONG strap. Then connect the short strap to the long one with the belt latch hookie do bob! Then there should be a silver hook on each side to attach to the bag! Ta da!
  9. alright I look like a fool now haha. The strap has now been put together and I've figured out that thingy was to tie the handles together lol. Oops. Thanks everyone!