help me put together an assortment of lv :]

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  1. hello! i'm relatively new to tpf. i'm usually just a lurker, but now i have reason to start posting :p
    i recently got my first lv bag (manhattan pm) and a matching wallet (zippy wallet), and i'd like to add to my humble collection :graucho:

    if it were up to me, i'd go buy all the lv bags that i am currently drooling over (neverfull MM, damier speedy 25, denim neo cabby, etc. :drool:).
    but instead of buying another bag so soon, i'd like to get some cute lv accessories to go with my new manhattan.

    i want to hold off on the monogram canvas accessories since both my bag and wallet are monogram canvas. i want to *cheer up* my collection up with stuff from lv's awesome other lines.

    i'd like some suggestions for a
    1) scarf/bandeau
    2) cles
    .. and ANY other accessory you personally think is cute!
    *i particularly like the mc and vernis line~ hopefully the lv store has more options than eluxury does :girlsigh:

    thanks in advance! :biggrin:
  2. Id say since you want a Damier speedy and mono never full wait for the Damier neverfull and forget the accesories eventhough they are cute...
  3. Get a Vernis Cles! The leather and colours are TDF :love:
  4. I just bought a Multicles Rabat which is like an oversized Cles. How about a Cosmetique accessory bag for make-up? Or a mini pochette that you can use for extra credit cards, bus. cards, etc? Or a key case? Or an Inclusion bracelet? Or a Wapity? I use my Wapity as a wallet and I love it!!! I just put my cell phone inside and then go to lunch with it instead of carrying my purse with me when I'm at work.

    But, you can't go wrong buying a Neverfull or Damier Speedy!!
  5. I would get a Multicolor Cles.
  6. I agree with Lee Vernis Cles is TDF!
  7. Yes, Vernis Clés! I love those, I so want to have one. Or a Multicolore Bandeau, they're so cute and functional!
  8. I vote for a vernis cles as well in pomme or amarante, and then a bandeau to brighten up your bag. I adore the Manhattan and really want to get it, but those darn limited edition bags keep getting in the way.

    Did you heat stamp your Manhattan?
  9. i'm voting for a cles too. vernis is lovely.
  10. 1) sweet flowers bandeau... it's SO beautiful!
    2) if you can find it, pomme cles
  11. A Vernis Cles and the Colourfull Travel Bandeau. I absolutely love my Mini Pochette Accessoires, but it's not exactly colourfull...
  12. Go for a denim cles!! So cute!
  13. I have the manhattan pm and I dress it up sometimes with either vernis cles in pomme or speedy key ring in pomme or the flowers bandeau in red ... it looks smashing:tup:
  14. The vernis cles in pomme! SO pretty!!