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Summer 35cm Birkin - phw

  1. Fauve Tadelakt

  2. Fauve Swift

  3. Fauve/Toile

  4. Etoupe Togo

  5. Bleu Abysse - open to leather

  6. Dare I say - Other?

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Time is moving on, and the need to use it or lose it is looming.

    Tossing and turning with re-ocurring options - so thought that would put it to the vote of the wise tpfers (heaven knows I've tried, but keep vascilating) - so I need a little distance and advice.

    The options for the 35cm summer toting birkin in phw are:

    Fauve in Tadelakt

    Fauve in Swift

    Fauve/Toile combo
    (you chose the smooth leather)​

    Etoupe Togo

    Blue Abysse
    (open to options regarding non exotic leather)
    (yes I know its out of left field!)​

    Summer wardrobe is your basic neutral linens and blue jeans, white shirt combinations.
  2. bleu abysse! i love blue in the summer ~ well, all year really, but especially in the summer. the color would be divine in either swift or tadelakt, and lighter than clemence or togo ~ as long as you're cool with the slouch potential.
  3. New to me DQ but am falling for this!
  4. I'd go with toile for summer, but would pair it with blue. Imagine blue with white linen trousers, very Greek style
  5. My vote goes to Etoupe, it works great in the summer but I use mine as a neutral in Winter too.
  6. Blue Abysse, I'm becoming quite fond of this colour. And if it was me it would be togo. xx
  7. blue abysse, i love blue and it is fresh for summer ^_^
  8. Roo Cambonne, I'm having a similar dilemma. Before I cast my vote, may I ask what other color bags you already have?
  9. Take your point C-P - can only own up to avatar bbb and chocolate SOk - what I'm looking for is a loadlugging tote that will be put to work.
  10. Voting for Bleu Abysse.
  11. Voted for BA due to your answer. I think you have the classic colors covered. BA will give you color and could be used year round, not just summer. HTH! :idea:
  12. If you really want a summer bag, then I vote for the Fauve/Toile hands down. I have a gold/toile and I adore it, but I do see it as seasonal. Fortunately, I live in CA, so my definition of "seasonal" is definitely a loose interpretation.

    My second choice is Fauve Tadelakt - which is my new favorite leather!

    Good luck. I angsted over my SO for quite awhile, so I can appreciate your "pain!" :biggrin:
  13. Blue Abysse! I can't stop kicking myself for passing on it.
  14. Bleu Abysse!!!
  15. Bleu Abysse is fabulous. I like it better then Bleu de Prusse.