Help me put my Murakami postcards on my wall...

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  1. I want to put some of my Murakami postcards on the wall of my home office.
    So I chose these 9 (I have more though cuz I bought 2 different packs).
    I put them on the wall with masking tape just to see how they will look.
    But now I have to frame them - and I am not sure how.
    Should I just get flat black frames and let the cards shine?
    Or perhaps get a little funky with the frames?
    How about this configuration? Shoudl I move them around?
    Helpy :confused1:

  2. I have those same ones!
    I'd put the vertical ones in the middle and the horizontal ones on the top and bottom if you're going to do individual frames. Then if possible, get a frame that coordinates with the main colors of each postcard.
    Or you can even do a collage of them in one large frame if you want and put some fun colored paper behind them to fill in the white space if there is any.