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  1. Looking for the perfect for me black hobo...

    I am not small, so it should be on the larger side...I'm not label obsessed in the sense that names matter, but quality does...I prefer indestructible-ish leather...I'd like a fair amount of shiny hard wear (because in my own mind, I am an actual Rock Star), but not too much because in reality, I am actually semi-elderly

    did I mention I am currently broke after a eBay binge? and on my best day I have Hermes tastes with a clearance rack at Target budget

    Thanks for any help you can give me :smile:
  2. You might want to do a search...I started a thread on "distressed leather hobo" that might give you some ideas.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks doreenjoy!!

    there is just so much info in this forum, that every time I start looking for something specific, I get side tracked and start looking at other stuff..think I have purse ADD
  4. Ok, looked through those threads and did not see the hunt continues

    in light of the fact that I'm not really neeeeding this, I think I will keep searching for the most exact one, so price is a little less of an issue

    of the brands listed above, the closest match to what I'm thinking of are the 49 SQ MI ones...but the ones of theirs I like are the lambskin, and I think I would kill that in about 5, maybe 10 minutes

    so, any more ideas?

  5. Do you have a Coach outlet anywhere near you? They have quite a few different Black hobos in different sizes and styles and outlet prices are usually pretty low.
  6. that was funny