Help me purchase my first RM MAM...newbie needs guidance


Feb 14, 2007
I've always been attracted to the MAM in pictures, and have visited this forum on occassion, but on Saturday I stopped into Nordstrom's and saw a RM morning after (bag or mini, don't know because I wasn't astute enough to pay attention to that detail), and loved it in person. It was the croc embossed, which I didn't care for, but I loved the functionality of the satchel.

So now I'm on the quest for the perfect first MAM.

Full disclosure: I am old enough to be your mother, at least for the vast majority of you. So keep this in mind when you wonder why I can't keep up with most of you!!

So far, in my search for information, I've decided that I need the MAM as opposed to the MAB. Whew! I made it past step one.

Now I have some questions. I've read through the reference threads to help me, but I'm at the stage of overload. I prefer a more stuctured bag, but from what I gather on these threads, the more desired bags are the ones that puddle. Why? Is it personal preference for the way a handbag performs, or is it the more desirable leather for a RM bag, or something else?

If I continue wanting a more structured bag after you answer that question for me, do I need to learn which leathers do this, or is it based on the color of the leather? The reference thread seemed to list the types of leather by color, but maybe I wasn't understanding it. Keep in mind my age here ladies!

Then comes style. When I read through threads with pictures, I am attracted to MAMs that have a contrast basketweave, or the style with the "stamp" on the flaps. I don't know what it is officially called. But when I look on the sites that sell RM, I don't see these styles offered at this time. Older styles? Outdated styles?

Also, I don't care for the blue and black dot lining, but if I understand what I've read, that's what the current bags are lined with, correct?

My absolute favorite is the blue with brown basketweave, and the candycane stripe lining, but I believe this is hard to find.

I am open to suggestions if you think I should consider a smooshier leather or a current solid color design.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Dreamer of dreams
Feb 27, 2008
Love blue and brown basketweave. I have the newer version with strap and antiqued gold hw. It has the polka dot lining, which I love. I like softer leathers because it makes the bag feel less bulky. I also prefer that they have the shoulder strap, because at times, I need to be hands free and don't want my bag banging up against things, so I will use the shoulder strap.
Good luck in your search!


Sep 3, 2007
Maybe you should look at the special order thread for the mam w/ basketweave in black. I'm not as "young" as these ladies, but I'm hoping that that Special Order gets off the ground bec I love the floral interior and the basketweave leather w/ the silver hardware. The blue zipper, I think, will be perfect even for us older ladies.