Help me purchase my first leather gucci!!!

  1. Hi,

    Can anyone please suggest what chocolate guccissima bag I should get. I would really appreciate any input:yahoo: :confused1: :heart:
  2. How about this one?

  3. Or this one but in Brown

  4. While in vegas I went to the Gucci store. My friends tried on the Chain horsebit hobo in the chocolate guccisima and it was to die for. The bag is already quiet stunning, but especially so in this material. Good luck!
  5. I'm looking at purchasing a Medium chain horsebit hobo in the chocolate guccissima leather, and I've heard nothing but great things about the bag! I'm hoping it goes on sale in a couple weeks, too!

  6. thanks for your input! i went to the gucci store today and tried some of them on. the chain hobo is super cute! i was wondering if the guccisima leather is too delicate for daily use. any thoughts?