Help Me Price Match!

  1. Nordstrom does price matching BUT I haven't been able to find a ciao or denaro in a Macy's (which has the 20% off sale right now) If anyone can give me the number of a place that does have it and is doing the sale I'd really appreciate it. I need to find the exact same product in order for them to do the price match :sad:
  2. Us girls in Hawaii can't help ya... No tokidoki in Macy's.
  3. Why don't we have Tokidoki in Macy's eh? We don't even have them at our Nordstroms...
  4. haha same here our Macys never carried them!
  5. The Macy's in Denver still has pirata and adios... but NO 20% off....
  6. i think the 20% off is if you use your macy's card...please correct me if i am wrong.
  7. yupp but it's still a sale :biggrin: and I have a Macy's card and Nordstrom's Card now... so they could do price matching... I have yet to see a ciao OR a denaro at a Macy's in my area so I can't do the price match even if they allow me :sad:
  8. I wish the Hawaii stores would price match to the mainland ones lol.