Help me preserve its beauty!!!!!

  1. Hey all, I just get an amazing deal for a Fendi old-modeled shoes!!! They are tanned color pointed pumps with crisscross leather and elastic and FF logo in the middle of the cross. Made from very soft leather. Will post the pics once my camera is ready.

    However, I have some problems:
    1. The seller stupidly puts some price sticker tag ON TOP of the shoes. It was OK, but when I peeled it, I accidentally peeled the top layer of the paint (??). There was color transfer to the sticker. Now the leather has some whitish mark on it. Anyone has idea on how to treat it?

    2. This shoes has different tag with the one that I have. This one is black tag, while mine is stamped (price taken from eBay just to show the tag). Why is that?

    Thanks a lot in advance!!