Help me!! Powerseller ebayer sold me a fake LV!!

  1. It's my first time buying LV via eBay, I feel that I'm being fooled by the cheaper price of used bag and it makes me very sad!!! The seller sold me a fake White Trouville MC !!!! I've triple checked with my other purses that I bought directly at the store. The stitching is obviously very different. The logos look so fake!!! (the size of the "LV" and flowers logos are smaller than the genuine one). The shape is very ugly!! ARGHH!!! the Zipper also look weird because of the gap between the words L O U I S V U I T T O N . :crybaby::crybaby:

    What should I do?? I'm panicked! My dad would kill me spending money for a shame counterfeit LV!
    I'm waiting for her responses, I've sent two messages already.

    I really need to vent.. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. Hopefully you paid through paypal so you had buyer protection, the next thing you can do is file an "item significantly not as described" claim through eBay.

    Unfortunately, even powersellers have been known to sell fakes, it's not always a guarantee that you'll get authentic merchandise. :push:
  3. Thanks Lvbabydoll! thank God I paid via Paypal. The next thing to do I'll just wait for her respond (it's been two hours!!) before claiming the Paypal buyer protection.
  4. Did you use credit card for your Paypal payment? If so, you can contact your cc company to reverse charge. Paypal limits the reimbursement to $200 maximum (excluding shipping charges and a $25 fees), while you cc company will reimburse you 100%.
  5. I use my checking account for my PayPal account.. the max limit is 200?? OMG.. I paid 775 incl shipping.. What should I do? :crybaby:
  6. Do not wait for her - file with paypal right now -that will hold all that money on her end so she can't take off with it.
  7. File a claim with paypal right away, Also call your credit card company for your options with them. Contact the seller and tell her you are going to report her to the IFCC (internet fraud complaint center) and you are going to contact Louis Vuitton with pictures of the bag and her personal & eBay information. Also let her know you are going to report this fraud to ebay, You can also check VERO to see if louis vuitton is a member, If so contact them with the item number ect. and they will act on it aswell. Here is a link to ebays counterfiet policy and where you can report this to them. I hope this has helped and I wish you the very best!!
  8. I am really sorry to hear that you were sold a fake. File with PayPal AND file a "SNAD" (significantly not as described) complaint with eBay. The PayPal complaint will hopefully get you your money back. You may have to have an independent evaluation of the bag, which you can get through
    But the eBay complaint is also REALLY important--they need to know who is making a business out of selling fakes on their site.

    By the way, I hope that people realize that just because someone is a Power Seller doesn't mean ANYTHING when it comes to trust.

    All it means is that they sell a lot of stuff--the powerseller program is based on sales volume, period (though eBay claims there are other criteria, it's not like a real person at eBay actually evaluates every single potential PowerSeller). All that stuff could be real or fake, eBay doesn't really know the difference unless the fakes get reported time and again. Plenty of Power Sellers know the rules and blatantly flaunt them. Greed is a powerful motivator.
  9. I really don't have any experience about claiming item. Should I ship the item back to the seller? I read the Paypal security center, they will protect up to $2,000. Does anybody have this kind of experience? I really am a newbie about this issue. Please help. TIA
  10. Do not do ANYTHING with the bag yet. PayPal will probably instruct you to send the bag back to the seller at some point, but do not do it yet!! When you DO send the bag back, you absolutely positively have to use some sort of either tracking, signature confirmation and/or delivery confirmation in order to prove that it was sent and received.

    Since you didn't fund the purchase with your credit card, you don't have the option of using the CC fraud protection services, so you're really stuck with PayPal on this. In the future, though, you really should only ever use a credit card through Paypal for any purchase you consider large!! It's really an extra several layers of protection and can save you from a terrible situation.

    Try not to panic; there are lots of very experienced eBayers here and we'll try to help you through this process!
  11. Dont send it back yet, and when you do mail it back make sure you have them sign for it when it gets there so you have proof it was returned. File the claim with paypal and paypal will instruct you soon to return the bag for a refund but please make sure you get some sort of proof its delivered when you send it.
  12. Thank you very much for the kind helps!

    anyway, I just sent another message to the seller since she hasn't responded my two previous messages. My last msg just want to let her know that I'm claiming her counterfeit item via this link:
    what should I do next??

  13. Could you share your seller ID here? It'll help us to refuse from purchase her items.

    Anyway, try to double check by post it on authenticate this lv board
  14. contact paypal IMMIDEATLY!! Don't wait for the seller, The quicker you claim this with paypal the quicker you can be refunded and get this behind you.
  15. the seller id is qbhype. I just finished sending the claim (Paypal).