help me pls..

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  1. i have a soho leather in white... its getting dirty already, does macy's sell coach moisturizer and conditioner? thanksie
  2. yup, i started a thread bout this so sorry bout that but i guess its not so appealing to everyone, i guess
  3. not that it's not as appealing

    i think pursefantic's point is that one thread, of the topic is enough, having two isn't going to help you find the answer quicker and people will be annoyed in having to answer in one thread about the cleaner/moisturizer and then look at another because someone else answered in the other...

    or, with titles like my coach, or help me pls...which are somewhat vague people will look at the same topic over and over, even if they don't want to.
  4. is there a way for me to delete the other thread???
  5. PM a mod since a duplicate is not tolerated.
  6. thanks!!!