help me ,please

  1. I plan to buy a bag and a new wallet. I need to have them in the same brand and style.

    First, I think to buy a Chanel classic Flap ( small thin one with single chain 715 pounds) bag with a chanel long wallet (300 pounds). It will took all of my fund a 1,000 pound. :rolleyes: ----This would be a whole new set.

    Second, I have black and white CC cambon wallet so I plan to buy a large cambon tote in the same color (so I need to pay for a bag at 895 pounds)
    ** If I get this one I will have a set of Cambon which are wallet, belt, card holder and shoes) ---- Cambon is my most Favorite line.

    Third, My decision to buy a Damier Azur wallet and mini key pouch to match with my Azur speedy ( which is the most cheapest way to pay for )--------- I do love to use Azur bag now but I don't like the way the handle leather color change

    and my last choice to buy a mini Lin wallet and mini Lin key pouch to match with my mini Lin speedy. ------- which I love it a lot in the way the handle is in dark brown and I should not worry about the leather color change.

    I love small Azur accessories but I love Mini lin speedy more than Azur.

    Azur wallet is more nicer than mini lin? I prefer small leather goods to be cute not classic.

    Please, help me to choose which wallet and collection that I should go for.

    Thank in advance!;)
  2. Mini lin! It's different!
  3. i love the mini lin too!
    the mini lin speedy is my favorite speedy ever!
  4. Thank you!
  5. Azur! It's such a fresh color from LV, it reminds me of Chanel's precious symbols line, classic icon in a brand new chic version^^
  6. ummm...sorry, I don't understand. (1) You want us to help you CHOOSE one of the 4 combinations, or (2) you're saying that you WILL buy some of them? cuz it seems to me that some sentences are more declarative and others are asking for
    Anyway if (1), I'd choose the chanel flap bag + wallet
  7. ^^ ITA I'm kinda lost. You had a lot of underlining and coloring going on and the whole thing didn't make sense. Or I just need more coffee this morning :lol:
  8. mini lin is good!
  9. oh ya! me too lol
    the colours and underlining are pretty awesome tho, cute!
  10. Mini Lin. Since you may not like the Azur once it turns honey tan.
  11. mini lin 4 sure!!
  12. Chanel classic flap- a true handbag staple.
  13. Sorry...I think this is LV Forum so asking for the opinion for LV. Thank you!