Help Me!!!!!!please?!?!?!?

  1. A few days agao I went to A&F for a mini shopping spree :nuts: and I was really happy. Bought 3 hoodies and was all perfect fit. Once I got home, of course I threw it in the washing machine, who knows who tried it on before me. But once all the washing and drying was done. IT SHRUNK!!!!!!! Not major shrinkage but like a size S to XS :crybaby: So I guess my question is does anyone know how to unshrink it? or like stretch it out. Thanks
  2. I don't think there is any good way to unshrink clothes
  3. Just wear it. Chances are it will stretch out with time just lay it out to dry so it doesn't shrink. Hope this helps
  4. I think you just have to keep wearing it. Sometimes my clothes tend to become looser after several washes and wears.
  5. I would wash it again...but this time, while it is still totally wet, stretch it all out, lay it flat. Keep stretching it as it dries. That should help:smile:
  6. I would return them if you washed them according to the labels directions.
  7. I totally agree, return them immediately and exchange the hoodies for a size small. Especially since you bought 3 not 1. Even if they stretch out, you'll never be totally comfortable (the whole idea behind a hoody)
  8. that's strange b/c i own about 10 of them, and wash and dry them on the highest heat setting and none have ever shrunk.

    I would suggest putting them on and stretching your arms and hopefully it will stretch the fabric. However, I know for a fact that they will not let you return them (unless the SA is having a REALLY good day and breaks the rules) because once it's worn or washed they can't take it back, no matter what.