Help Me!!!!!!please?!?!?!?


May 9, 2006
A few days agao I went to A&F for a mini shopping spree :nuts: and I was really happy. Bought 3 hoodies and was all perfect fit. Once I got home, of course I threw it in the washing machine, who knows who tried it on before me. But once all the washing and drying was done. IT SHRUNK!!!!!!! Not major shrinkage but like a size S to XS :crybaby: So I guess my question is does anyone know how to unshrink it? or like stretch it out. Thanks
I would wash it again...but this time, while it is still totally wet, stretch it all out, lay it flat. Keep stretching it as it dries. That should help:smile:
I would return them if you washed them according to the labels directions.
I totally agree, return them immediately and exchange the hoodies for a size small. Especially since you bought 3 not 1. Even if they stretch out, you'll never be totally comfortable (the whole idea behind a hoody)
that's strange b/c i own about 10 of them, and wash and dry them on the highest heat setting and none have ever shrunk.

I would suggest putting them on and stretching your arms and hopefully it will stretch the fabric. However, I know for a fact that they will not let you return them (unless the SA is having a REALLY good day and breaks the rules) because once it's worn or washed they can't take it back, no matter what.