Help Me Please!!!

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  1. Hi guys!
    First of all i'm new here :P and this is my first post!!!
    Nice to meet you all :smile:

    Okay, here's a thing.
    I'm turning 17 a month from now so i'm thinking of getting myself a first luxury designer hand bag that stylish as well!!! Well I have Coach but i don't think it's a luxury brand? Anyways,

    I want a Bal bag that fits my life style which is for school.
    You know how high school students carry tons of stuff in their backpacks?
    Yeah, I'm one of them lol.
    I looking at Work and Weekender but not sure which one is better for me. I'm 5'3", 101 lbs.

    The Main Things that Needed to be Fit in the Bag are
    - A 9*11*2" book
    - A 8*10.5*1.3" book
    - 2- 8*11.5*1" notebooks
    - A 2" binder
    - makeup bag

    And the color too, i'm not quite sure which one fits me better.
    Most of my clothes are black, gray, and white.
    So, I'm considering of getting a Black, Anthracite, or Gray.

    Guys PLEASE PLEASE help me out!!!!
    I don't have any store near by, so the only way is online. So I can't try any.
    Please help me, i need to get it before Nov 1oth :'(
    And I need to start looking for one now

    Thank you all :smile:
  2. Hi and welcome, think I'd go for the work if I were you, not sure if a weekender might swallow you up as you're petite !
    Colour.... maybe classic it's your first.
  3. thank you Sarah :smile:
  4. MissAL3XA ~ I also vote for the "Work" style. If budget allows, get the giant hardware as the leather is thicker to support all you school stuff + makeup bag. Both Black & Anthra are beautiful & classic colors (I have both colors one City & one Part Time).
  5. Black and work can be best for you. Better go for the classic and size of Work is more apt for your frame. Happy trails :smile:
  6. Guess I'm in the minority to say I don't think a Bal is suitable as a schoolbag.

    Given the amount of stuff that you intend to carry, the handles will really dig into your shoulder, making it really uncomfortable. Unless you intend to just hand carry it by the handles or carry it on your forearm, which basically makes it inconvenient as a schoolbag.

    I find that when I overstuff my Work, the bag gets very pouffy and when you carry it on your shoulder, your arm is left at an awkward angle since it can't really hang straight down, being hindered by your bag.

    Plus, if the load is heavy, I get "whiskers" emanating from where the handles are attached on my bag due to the leather being stretched by the load.

    If that's not an issue for you, I'd advise a RH Work because GH adds significantly to the weight and if you're going to be toting your bag the entire day, your shoulder is going to be sore.

    Also given that you can only buy the bag online, there is no guarantee that leather on GH bags will be thicker than RH bags. I've got thick leather on RH bags and thin leather on GH bags. But on the whole, 2010 is a good year for the leather, so I'd suggest getting either 2010 Anthra or Black.

    Hope I didn't rain on your parade. Good luck.
  7. Welcome :smile:
    Wow! 17 & your 1st Bal, that is very cool!
    I would consider Anthra; it's a neutral yet interesting / complex colour & it's stylish. Although I love GH, it does make the bag considerably heavier & considering your slight frame & all the 'stuff' you need to carry around....I'd suggest an Anthra RH Work. Good luck! :P
  8. Have you thought about a Courier? I think it might be better for weightier contents like books...
  9. Just wanted to throw in my $0.02 and say that you are not totally in the minority here - I also woud not want to use a Bal as a school bag. Better, IMHO, to get one to use after school/on the weekends as a fun bag, and get something cheaper and tougher for a school bag.
  10. ^^I feel the same way! I'd never use any of my Bals as bookbags. I'd get a tote or backpack to put them in and then use my bal for my essentials.
    If you go this route, go with the classic or GH city, or PT.
  11. Congrats on turning 17!!!

    I do agree with Susan, english_girl and ches - I'd save the Bal for non-school days as I don't think the leather will hold out properly near the handles for heavy, everyday use.

    I do use my Work GH and RH regularly for workdays, and I find it heavy on my shoulders and arms with even less than you would carry in your school bag, MissAL3XA.

    For a school bag, get something truly tougher like the handmade Il Bisonte vachetta leather satchels (medium size). That is truly a work-horse, and will get better and softer - but not weaker or tear, with age and prolonged heavy use.

    RH is definitely lighter than GH, and my leathers of RH have not always been thinner than GH leather.
  12. use ur backpack but carry bal as a purse. dont use bal as main bookbag, you will kill it!

  13. Agree with ieweuyhs.
  14. I don't have kids but at 44, my maternal instinct is kicking in. So you're 17...

    Please do not buy a Balenciaga bag if you cannot afford it. Do not start out your life with credit card debt.

    If spending $1000 plus means you can't take trips or go on a graduation trip, don't buy the bag. Bal will be there; the memories from your epxeriences won't.

    As for the bag itself, I think Bal is durable but books and that kind of use is going to be rough on the bag. Get something much more durable. I think Minkoff bags are probably a better bet.
  15. Yes, actually, I think i agree here :biggrin: