Help Me Please..

  1. Black/Silver

    Signature Stripe Reversible Tote??

    goshh hard decision..:shrugs:
  2. Khaki/Gold
  3. black/silver.
  4. ^^black/silver
  5. Black/Silver
  6. khaki/gold is prettier

    black/silver is cooler. it's better for someone like me who doesn't like to have the c's scream coach.

    but the khaki and gold combo is so pretty that if i wasn't someone who doesn't like advertise labels, i'd get it.

    tough decision! don't ask me b/c clearly i'm no help ;)
  7. Black/Silver!!!!

    I plan on getting one, I started a thread on it about 3 weeks or so ago about how I want one. I had some money problems surface and I hope to get one before they go off of the website.

    I think the black and silver could be used longer and more often in my personal opinion, based on my style.

    YAY!!! for the signature stripe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Black/silver, but that is just because I wear more black!
  9. Black/Silver because black can be used in any season.
  10. Khaki/Gold - I have this one and love it! Definitely prettier IMO.
  11. black/silver. khaki/gold is cute, but b/s is better!
  12. khaki & gold...I love khaki signature. But black/silver is just as gorgeous. Show pics of which ever one you do get.
  13. black/silver
  14. we're pretty much help I think ;)
  15. HAHA thanks guyss i think ill jus get both cus i cant decide
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