Help me please!!!

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  1. I'm deciding to buy a Miu Miu Bow in Mughetto. Actually, I haven't seen it before (only pictures) so i'm not sure about Miu Miu bow size. I'm from Houston and there isn't any Miu Miu store in Houston. I have to buy that by phone so I just want to make sure which size will be work on me. That is why I need your help.
    I want the one like her size (sorry for copy your photos). Can anyone tell me her miu miu is small or large?
    Is that small miu miu same size as LV speedy 25?

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  2. thats the regular bow

    the mini bow is maybe a little bit smaller than the small speedy
  3. thanks mayen120 :hugs:
  4. you are very welcome.....:flowers:
  5. Hi where did you get the picture from your avatar? i love the bow color in your avatar but it's stronger than mughetto and I am not sure what it is
  6. @ butterfly36029: I got it on Google search, that is a fake Miu Miu. Miu Miu doesn't have that color.
  7. Good luck on getting your bow :smile:
  8. ^^^ lol@ cherrypinky avatar.. so cute
  9. Thanks was actually DH's idea :roflmfao:
  10. I thought about cherry pinky avatar's it's cute!

    I did find a miu miu bow in a similar color, it's called coral but it's not as pink as the one in your avatar
  11. I don't know what color is's actually orange brown with a bit of salmon pink in it. I got it from Renato last year.