Help me, please!

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  1. Hi. I am brand new to the forum but I have a question and everyone on here seems very knowledgable...I just got my first RM MA in tomato and I absolutely love it. :yahoo: I am wasting no time in getting another. I am searching for either a matinee or a MA (maybe a MAM) in sage, (light) blue, or a medium gray color. Help! I am desperate for another!:hysteric:
  2. :nuts:I feel your desperation! I know your desperation!
  3. Are there any coupon codes for

    Big thanks, by the way! :tpfrox:
  4. I doubt there is any codes for Funkylala but you can always try. Good luck! :flowers:
  5. If you're looking for a deal - keep you're eyes peeled on eBay. The selection is usually pretty limited(usually around 24 listings or less) - but if it's an instance where you're somewhat flexible on color - there are bargains to be had!
  6. read our rules please.
  7. check out deals and steals. i'm going to get the chocolate / wine matinee from funky lala if they put a code out on it. they promised they were putting discount codes out in a week or two (a couple days ago). email them, maybe they'll include yours ... kind of turning into a stalker.