Help me please!

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  1. I have two but i only want to keep one since they are the same style anyways. Which one should i keep?

    1st- khaki/camel
    2nd-khaki/chocolate and suede

    i love them both but i need the money right now for a new purse! please! i need your input! thanks in advance.
    1059_1_i.pjpeg.jpg 1248_pd516044_1.jpg
  2. Hmm that's a hard pick. I like the color combination of the khaki/chocolate one better, but suede is harder to keep clean than leather. I'd probably sell the suede one just bc leather is easier to take care of.
  3. I would keep the first one :tup:
  4. I vote for the first one, as well. I think it's a little more versatile than the dark brown bag.
  5. keep the 1st one
  6. I would def keep the first one
  7. Suede being more difficult and all, I'd keep the second one. The darker brown just seems to go better with the siggy print to me.
  8. I would keep the 1st one - khaki/camel! I have a khaki/camel Hamptons hobo that I LOVE!!! It's a GREAT color combination that is easy to take care of and goes w/ ANY type of clothing you would wear!!!!
  9. I like the suede in the second one. I also like the color contrast in that bag-it goes with black or brown/khaki.
  10. I would pick the second one:tup:
  11. I like the second one too!
  12. I like the first one. Nicer color combo IMO.
  13. I prefer the 2nd one!
    The dark leather accentuates the khaki nicely!:tup:
  14. 2nd one! I like the colors better
  15. I like the darker color.