Help Me Please!

  1. I have two inclusion rings. The transparent one and the Beige one. I dont know if i should keep both, or return one of them because they are very similar. What would all of you do. I need to decidee by tomorrow morning. I have a friend going to lv and would return one of them if I decide,. Please help me!! thanks . If you suggested I return one which one????
  2. Keep both if you can! Otherwise, have her take back the clear one and maybe switch it off for a Pomme or Framboise one.
  3. Yes as they are quite similar I would change for a stronger colour, framboise would be my choice.
  4. Do you wear the rings? If so, I'm in agreement- get a darker color in exchange for 1 of them.
  5. I think you should exchange the transparent for the Pomme!!!
  6. keep 'em both:yes:
  7. I would switch one for a stronger colour as well.
  8. if they are very similar I would exchange them.
  9. I would switch a ring for a bracelet.