help me please!

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  1. i really really want a cream groucho saddlebag but i'm confused about the different ones. can anyone direct me with pics or links as to what is the difference between the double and single ones? i'm having to buy second hand as i can't afford brand new so any pointers in the right direction of where to buy, or what's genuine would be GREAT!!
    come on ladies, let me join the handbagclub:yahoo:
  2. Hi Elljay20!

    There are several sizes of the Gaucho (I'll use pics from

    First, there is the single saddle which comes in 4 sizes:

    The mini:

    The medium:

    The large:

    And the Extra large (which has straps that are long enough to allow it to be worn as a messenger bag):

    Then there is the double Saddle, which comes in 2 sizes:

    The small (I can only find a pic on

    The large:

    And then there's the tote style...

    The button-tote:

    The extra large zippered tote:
    Dior Gaucho medium zipper tote.jpg
  3. And the medium zippered tote:

    These are what I know of the Dior Gaucho bags (excluding evening bags and clutches).
  4. that's great thankyou. i quite fancy the medium single. how many inches larger is the large double? which one would you prefer and what's tthe difference between single and double?
    thankyou for you're help
  5. nevermind, have decided. the medium single. any recomendations on where to find one second hand? no way can i afford new and i don't want a fake. there seems to be only one genuine one on at the mo and it's red
  6. Hi again Elljay20!

    I suggest eBay for this. Although Ebay has so many fakes of the Gaucho, there are (occasionally) one or two authentic ones for really good prices, so if you wait a bit the opportunity may arise.

    Otherwise, I can't think of any websites for used Gaucho bags that are cheaper than retail.

    I hope this helps!
  7. thanks for the effort you put in mayday. will just have to keep an eye out and post on the authenticate this thread!
    i don't do patience!!!!