Help me please!

  1. Hello everyone!

    May seem sudden but I need some help here.

    You see, recently a friend of mine has some hook ups for Gucci stuff, and not to forget Balengiaca, LV, Dior and Chanel.

    He claims that he can get almost everything, I just need to tell him which model etc. Well of course, the price was suspicious, its around 0.75 of the original price. Which got me kinda worried. He claims that the goods are defects. I was told that defects were mostly destroyed upon detection. So I got a little suspicious. He goes on to tell me that these defects actually managed to get leaked out. The goods come direct from Italy.

    So this leads me to my question, is it possible that defects(that can only be detected through microscopic inspections) got leaked out?

    It is considered as grade As/fakes already?

    Thanks a bunch for the help! :love:
  2. I believe what they say if it is to good to be true it probably is.......
  3. Yeah i am not so convinced with that....dont bother wasting your money and just go to the already reliable gucci sources.
  4. sounds like a load of BS to me!:yes:
    Gucci isn't unloading their stuff to 'people' and allowing them to sell them for 75% off. . . it's just NOT happening.
  5. Sounds like crap to me..Id stay away or else you will always second guess your bags
  6. Thanks for the replies people!

    I'm just curious if there are really factories out there are capable of producing variants that are only possible to detect through microscopic inspection. I have another friend whose greed got the better of him. He think that its worthwhile as long as people cannot find out unless under close inspection.

    As for me, its really a sub-consious kind of thing. I won't feel good not knowing the actual source of what I'm carrying/wearing.
  7. What a horrible friend for them to lie to you like that. They're trying to sell you illegal items.

    Louis Vuitton, for an example, doesn't have outlets and in the rare case that there's a defect in the item - they'll destroy it right away. I also doubt if anyone would smuggle a bunch of purses... of every style... and almost every major designer, out of the factory. Think of the whole picture and lose that "friend".
  8. 75% of the original price isn't even THAT wonderful of a deal. If you're not totally convinced, why not just go the extra 25% and be completely confident in your purchase.

    The fact that he told you he can get any model you ask for is also a bit suspicious...since I wouldn't expect these defects to be soooo common that you can get any model you want :s