Help me please with my first Bbag

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  1. I am looking for everyday bag that I will be using most days when doing school run (preferably with shoulder strap) so I suppose City/First? Can you wear them cross body as I also have a baby and walk around with the pushchair? I do have a separate changing bag where I can also put some of my things so the bag would be for my wallet,sunglasses,mobile phone. I am not sure what colour as I am worried it would get boring to have anything other than black, dark grey, brown for my main everyday bag. What do you think? What are your favorite colours and do you use them very often? I would appreciate all your recommendations.
  2. Perhaps the part time? The strap is longer than the city so you can wear it cross body. It's a bit larger than the city too so plenty of room for your things. I love mine. Have a look in the reference section, there are plenty of pictures.

    As for colour, only you know which would be the most useful. Don't be afraid to get black, it's classic!
  3. Black is great color for your first Bbag! Won't show the dirt!
  4. Black. If you need less room go with the First - otherwise I'd say the City for your 1st bag.
  5. If you want something cross body, what about the new Velo? Very similar to the City, but deeper (might be wider too ... not sure), but comes with a longer strap that can be worn cross body (and handles for hand carrying).
  6. Velo or Pom pon
  7. Part time or Velo are good sizes that can be worn cross body.

    The City is a good size too, the shoulder strap is too short to wear cross body though.