Help me please..Same Buyer Scamming me

  1. A few weeks ago I sold a Juicy Couture Daydreamer bag..It was auction style and at the end of the auction buyer never paid..I kept getting emails she would promise to pay. Finally after a few days her payment came in..I was happy and just glad to be done with it...Before I could ship Pay pal notified me there was a problem with this buyer and her payment. They took my funds right back out and did an investigation..All the while my buyer never contacted me. I tried to email her but no response..Pay pal finally decided that I need to refund her and gave me back my listing fee's

    Long story short I listed the bag back up auction style again.It ended this eveing with a buyer with zero FB winning the auction..No payment yet but the name on the invoice looked awfully familiar..I double checked and it was the original buyer.

    Now I don't know what to do..She must have several eBay accounts..Also from her FB it looks as though she does this all the time. NOW WHAT??


    She has already cost me weeks with this bag..I had genuine bids as well..I am so mad!!!!
  2. Here are a few of her ID's

    Member id banana201220

    Member id player201220
  3. Did you put her on your BBL? If you did and she still circumvented the block report her to eBay .
  4. I would report her to eBay anyways. And cancel her offer, definitely don't send the bag cause it sounds like then you could really have a problem!
  5. agree.. cancel the transaction & report to ebay
  6. Ok thank you ladies..If i cancel my auction will i lose my fee's? How can i stop her in the future if she keeps opening accounts? I plan to call Ebay this morning.
  7. Update:

    I called ebay today and canceled the transaction..She also told me this account will be banned now. I have to wait the 7 days and my fee's will be refunded to me.

    I am so frustrated this has cost me so much time and effort. I did not know you can have multiple accounts all linked with the same email and address.

    She also tried to get me to refund when pay pal had a hold on her account and the money was pending. Total waste of time!!
  8. glad you are getting your fees back.. sorry about this experience
  9. I thought you could have several ID's but they each have to have a separate email address
  10. Glad you haven't shipped the item yet. You should edit your buyer preference to avoid bidders with negative feedback or non-payment history as well.
  11. Thank you for your suggestion. I did go in an edit my buyer preferences today. Hopefully this will not happen to me again.

    It did come from the same email and mailing address.

  12. buyers haven't been able to receive honest negative fb in a few years. Blocking for non-payment strikes only works if other sellers do their part and report them.
  13. Won't always help, but most likely is good enough for me. Better safe than sorry.
  14. :confused1::confused1::confused1:

    but on Ebay US there are no longer bidders with negative fb so how could you block them? It isn't even offered as an option

  15. Its very scary isn't it?? I also just found out that she bid on 50 items with that first account..All within a matter of days. :sad: