help me please ??? :S


Shallow when needed!
Jan 16, 2006
I live outside US/Canada and it is really hard to get real designer bags because they are very expensive here. Do u kno a site that ships real designer bags to other countries outside US or Canada ?? :wtf:

Hi and welcome!
There are many such sites, that ship from Europe, like Luisa Via Roma ( or Net à Porter ( or from Japan ( If you browse the subforums dedicated to the various designer bags you will find many more, I'm sure!
Enjoy your time here ;)


Jul 13, 2006
Welcome! I know several people on here have posted that if you live outside of the "usual" shipping areas you can have a mail forwarding service ship to you anywhere in the world. I remember people recommending and a few others.

Miss Sooky

Oct 22, 2006
Welcome from a UK based member. There was a thread running in the last few weeks in which we all pitched in to a list of sellers online who ship internationally - a quick search should throw that up. I'd also add Browns and Matches boutiques to the fantastic shops that ship internationally. Plus don't forget the phone - a quick call to many store will allow you to get items sent anywhere you happen to be. Have fun researching!