help me please ??? :S

  1. I live outside US/Canada and it is really hard to get real designer bags because they are very expensive here. Do u kno a site that ships real designer bags to other countries outside US or Canada ?? :wtf:
  2. Hi and welcome!
    There are many such sites, that ship from Europe, like Luisa Via Roma ( or Net à Porter ( or from Japan ( If you browse the subforums dedicated to the various designer bags you will find many more, I'm sure!
    Enjoy your time here ;)
  3. Whereabouts are you? There may well be other tPFers who live in your country who will know the best options for you!
  4. welcome to tpf. ITA with sez. check out the subforums and then when you know what designer you want to buy you can find out from there
  5. i don't where you're from but the site and the site ship to certain countries. ships to the uk and france.

  6. Welcome
  7. Welcome:smile:! You've come to the right place to resource the best info on designer bags.
  8. Welcome! I know several people on here have posted that if you live outside of the "usual" shipping areas you can have a mail forwarding service ship to you anywhere in the world. I remember people recommending and a few others.
  9. Welcome from a UK based member. There was a thread running in the last few weeks in which we all pitched in to a list of sellers online who ship internationally - a quick search should throw that up. I'd also add Browns and Matches boutiques to the fantastic shops that ship internationally. Plus don't forget the phone - a quick call to many store will allow you to get items sent anywhere you happen to be. Have fun researching!