Help Me Please... Noir Mahina xl VS. Olympe Nimbus GM

  1. i cant decide between these two .. the black mahina xl or the olympe nimbus gm. can i get some votes. :hysteric:
  2. I have the Olympe Nimbus pm and love my vote goes to the gm but the Mahina is great too!
  3. i prefer the Mahina XL. they're both kind of the same size, but the Nimbus is not as soft as the Mahina, which makes it look even bigger than it already is. i have the Nimbus PM which is a better size. and the Mahina's leather is exquisite
  4. ok now i thinking between 3 of them now... noir mahina xl or nimbus gm or suhali lockit mm verone. which one would u guys pick out of these 3.
  5. Mahina XL!
  6. Mahina XL!
  7. OK - one for the Nimbus!
  8. so u guys would even pick mahina or nimbus over the suhali lockit too. no votes for lockit?
  9. mahina XL
  10. get the Mahina while you can. the Lockit will be there for a good while
  11. Mahina is my first choice. It's so gorgeous - the style, leather ....
    Lockit comes in 2nd, but as yeuxhonnetes said, it'll be around so you can get it later.
  12. Another vote for Mahina XL ;) for Olympe, I prefer Stratus GM.
  13. My vote goes to the Nimbus GM in anthracite. Love this bag!! (I have this one!) Second vote goes to the Noir Mahina XL, although this bag looks way bigger than the Nimbus GM. Both are gorgeous, though, so you can't miss on these two. The verone color on the Suhali Lockit doesn't appeal to me for some reason, although it looks great on those who posted pictures.
  14. I love the mahina XL but vote for the Nimbus GM ..I adore the anthracite colour:heart:
  15. mahina for sure!