Help me please- mini pochette accessoires or pochette accessoires?

  1. Hi all,

    Just got my 2nd LV bag last week, now wanted to get the pochette. Pls help me which one to choose, mini pochette or pochette? damier or mono? Thanks all.;)
  2. Damier Pochette! Mini is cute but the larger size would be more useful for your first pochette.
  3. I agree. You can't go wrong with Damier!
  4. depends how much you really carry. i prefer my mini bc i like the mono in small bites. it looks cuter small. i also only carry my mono cc holder (cash folded into it) chanel lipgloss, key fob to get into car with out the actual keys and my phone (which is huge.) so if you want to carry more, pochette, if not, the mini is rad.
  5. thanks :smile:will be going to LV store this weekend, most probably will be getting the damier pochette.:yahoo:
  6. ^^ITA, damier pochette is the perfect choice for your first pochette. You can always pick up a mini pochette later.
  7. Yeah!!! I love the Damier print. Also look into purchasing the keychain/extender to add 2 extra inches in length to the leather strap on the pochette.

    Or you can puchase the Juicy Couture gold starter bracelet for $35 USD and use it as an extender also. The bracelet can be purchased at Nordstrom or Bloomingdales. (Thx to tryagain for that great idea!)
  8. :tup:Damier:wlae:
  9. Another vote for Damier :tup:
  10. Damier pochette would be perfect! The mini-pochette can only carry a powder compact, 2 lipsticks and some credit cards. It can only be used as a make-up kit if you don't carry tons of make-up :smile:
  11. I would vote for an azur.
  12. mono pochette accessoire =)
  13. i say the pochette and i have the mono only because i use the pochette the damier marais came with. i say your pochette should match the bag you'll be using it with.
  14. I second that notion!
  15. i vote for the mono.. heee I think it looks younger