Help Me please!!!- Is a 228 Navy Reissue TDF?

  1. Hi TPFERS,

    I do not live near a Chanel store but I did get to see the purple metallic reissue 226 that was on hold for another client. It is TDF. I did not want a reissue until I saw that bag. I am now scrambling to get on a list. I am on a list for a navy metallic 228 and want to know if it is Tdf and worth the extra money.

    Thanks for any advice. I have learned so much from this forum.
  2. Im waitlisted on the navy metallic 228 too. I've seen it in person and I think its TDF:smile: I am however not getting it and getting the 227 instead because Im getting the metallic red 227 as well and don't want my bank account to be too unhappy:p
  3. where did you get on a list? I may try and get on several lists until I can get to a store with a larger Chanel selection.
  4. I saw the navy 228 at trunk show and the color was devine, but eventhough the color was great I just didnt like the size personally.
  5. I have a purple 228 and I really do love it! It is a bigger bag, but it will be a great day sometimes night bag. I think my second will be a 227 however. The navy is stunning.
  6. Hey there donnatrader1! I PMed you the info :tup:
  7. Hi South! Were you at the the Saks trunk show at Troy?
  8. Does anyone know if Saks is getting any colored reissues in the 227 size?

  9. I dont think they are getting any 227s. I might be wrong though but Im pretty sure that they wont get the metallic navy in 227.
  10. 227 and 228 are great sizes for everyday- the 228 just brings reissues to a whole 'notha level if you KWIM?--- just brings it to life b/c of the size and *shimmer* ---- oh I can't wait to see what size you get- post lots of pictures!!
  11. No. I live near the Charlotte NM, and went to their trunk show. My boyfriend lives near Troy and I have been to that Saks and NM. Store :smile: I might be moving up that way this year so Somerset will probably be my new hang out!
  12. Haha! Well Ill be seeing you then:smile: I'm at Somerset at least once a week. :wlae:
  13. Thanks everyone for your advice. The thread with Nicole Ritchie and her XL vintage helped me make up my mind. Her bag is large and looks great on her petite frame. I guess it will look just fine on my 5'8" not so petite frame

    Shockboogie-I did not get your PM yet.
  14. I sent you another PM. Hope you get it this time so you can give my SA a call first thing tomorrow morning :tup:
  15. they are not.