Help me, please. I need some info.

  1. I'm considering to buy a Petit shopping tote in Pink but I hate the gold-toned chain. I ever see only the gold chain with pink bag. Does it come in silver chain? Thanks a lot in advance for all answer and How much for the retail price now? :confused1:
  2. Hi Vicky, I actually do not know but hopefully somebody else does and can help.
  3. Hi Vicky, when I was looking at that bag in Sloane Street last year summer time I was told that they only came with gold hw. I remember it being around £650, however there was a price increase in December 2006 so it may of gone up by around £50-60. Why not call them up? Personally I think the g/h on the pink pst looks really nice, but thats just my opinion
  4. Thank you very much Mon and Cammy for your replies. I think the price now should be 800+ :idea:. I will go to check the price at the Harrods within this week.