HELP ME...........please...........HURRY!!

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what should I get?? opinions please!!

  1. sig slim wallet

  2. legacy sig slim wallet

  3. carly sig wristlet

  4. legacy sig wristlet

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  1. ok Sun is the last day for PCE and this is what I'm debating over. I want to get the black leather carly purse and a wallet and wristlet to go with it but can't make up my mind which to get.

    Do I get the sig slim wallet or the legacy sig slim??


    Do I get the sig carly wristlet or the legacy sig??

    carlywallet.jpg carlywrist.jpg
  2. or do you guys like the leather carly in camel better?? w/the matching leather wristlet??

    you can pick more than one thing on this poll!!
  3. I was only allowed to vote once and I voted for the Legacy Signature Slim Envelope wallet. As for a wristlet, I vote for the Carly Signature wristlet.

    Good luck with your decision!! Keep in mind, if you can't decide, you can always buy it all now and return what you decide against later on. :yes:
  4. I vote for any Carly in the camel leather and the wristlet in the leather. I don't care much for signature. You can always buy it now and return later. Good luck deciding.
  5. Legacy wallet (if you can deal with the turnlock) and the carly wristlet!

    good luck on your decision
  6. Signature slim wallet or the Carly wristlet... I carry too much stuff to use a wristlet as a wallet - but if you are thinking of using it for a wallet?? Then I would say the Carly wristlet - that would be cute, like a box inside of a box thing. ;)
  7. I like the one all the way to the right-[​IMG]
  8. Why don't you get this because it's the black leather like the Carly:


    and this:

    There is a carly black leather wristlet:

  9. I LOVE the legacy wallet. The turlock is so cute and every time you open it, you see the beautiful blue. I like that one, all the way IMO......
  10. carly wristlet!
  11. I voted for the Legacy wallet.
  12. Carly wristlet!!!!!! TDF
  13. Go with the Legacy wallet, the blue inside is so pretty! And I voted for the legacy wristlet but I'd actually go with the carly wristlet in leather, then you could use it for a small evening bag! I have a black carly demi and a medium camel carly and both are gorgeous so either color will be great! Depends on if you need a black bag or not.
  14. Keep the Carly in black leather. I like the legacy wallet and the Carly wristlet.
  15. If you like the camel, here are a couple of wristlets that would match. If you are really particular about a matching wallet and can use a black bag, I'd go with the black carly. I just love these little wristlets though!