Help me! Please..griet,galliera, mahina dilemma! What would you do?

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  1. Hi girls,
    Listen, I am having to make a decision, I have two, brand new bags, Griet Monogram and Galliera PM, never used either of them, which one would you keep?........or, would you sell both to get a Mahina L in Bronze? Just want some opinions, I am horrible at making decisions regarding my bag collection, I am leaning toward selling both to get me that Mahina fix, but then I don't want the Mahina to be too flashy or fancy to carry everyday, here is a pic of my two bags.....any and all input will be so appreciated!

  2. keep Galliera.. and get Mahina.

  3. agreed.
  4. It is either keep one, sell one, galliera or griet, OR Sell Both, and get I making sense? would you get rid of both the Galliera and Griet to get a Mahina?
  5. they both lovely...cant you keep both and save for a mahina..if not possible keep Gallierai ......boy what a decision to make :smile:
  6. No i wouldn't sell both to get the mahina... Even though I love my Galliera, the Griet looks fabbb!! I'd keep either of the mono bags.
  7. get the mahina
  8. If you can't get the Mahina out of your head, then I'd get that!
  9. I think if you have not used them I would probably sell. Both seem to be selling well, so it is better now than later (last I looked, the galleria was selling almost for retail on ebay and I think the griet is pretty rare.) However, I would probably wait a little bit before buying another. I am not a huge fan of the mahina honestly, though. But I would be afraid you will not use it like you did not use your other bags. Just my $0.02!
  10. Mahina= the bag i'll never regret...... Get it!
  11. Get the Mahina.
  12. I'd keep the Galliera, return the Griet for sure.
  13. Keep Galliera! Return the giet.
  14. id keep the griet, less common bag, better style
  15. I don't think I could ever turn loose of a Galliera if it ever got into my greedy little hands!
    But if the Mahina is haunting you, do what you need to!