Help me please about my bag!! ASAP!! urgent!!

  1. my sis gave me a zara bag it has buckled front pockets, the bag is made of leather and has chains for shoulder straps. the problem is, whenever i go inside a store that has a very sensitive sensor it doesn't go off/sense it, but if go out, it goes off/senses it and it's embarrasing!! what causes this? some stores doesn't sense it but some stores does. help me please! and i've gotten alot of compliments using this bag
  2. it happened to me once, but that's because my friend bought me a dvd and there's still the censor tag inside the dvd.

    maybe u should ask zara to check it for u?
  3. My cell phone sets those things off sometimes.
  4. I don't think there is much you can do, and I imagine most people have set one off themselves and won't think less of you when the sensors go off. I say keep carrying the bag and don't worry about it.
  5. Is there an additional tag inside the bag that you did not cut off? Like the ones in The Gap?
  6. Did you check inside the bag for any tags or strips that might have been left inside?
  7. jlm and handbag, i checked and there is just that tag you know where it's made and care instructions. i cut off already the one with the bar code but still it goets off when i get out of a certain store
  8. If the problem are the chains on shoulder straps, what about tying a scarf on them? It would pop up the bag and maybe you'll solve your problem!
  9. ask your sister where she got the bag -- and then maybe call up the boutique and ask if that's a known issue and ask if they can take care of it.

    good luck! don't let a sensor prohibit you from carrying a cute bag :smile:.
  10. I have a bag like that as well, and I still carry it around whenever I feel like it. It's funny watching people watch you when the sensor in Walmart goes off--like I am shoplifting from Walmart, people!! I have never had a single person stop me anywhere that the bag tripped the sensor.
  11. Hmmm - try looking in all the interior pockets as well to see if there is a small sensor strip - I had the same problem with a wallet for weeks before I realized that there was still a little sensor in one of the credit cards slots! (the same kind of thin, flexible tiny stips they put on electronics sometimes)
    I was so relieved to be able to walk in and out of stores without a big alarm sounding after that...
    Good luck, and enjoy your bag!
  12. I think its gotta be there somewhere (the tag).

    Maybe you can take the bag to Zara and de-sensitize the tag? Like put the bag on this electro-magnetic board and just disable that alarm thing?