Help me pleaaaaaase !!

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  1. Hi everyone !!

    I'm planning to buy my first chanel purse and was wondering what it would be I'm hesitating between E/W flap and GST I know that they two different but they are around the same price.

    I was wondering if the E/W has a suitable size is it big enough knowing that I already have a dior panarea black (that can hold as much as the gst) which means that for me it is better to change the style and go with the E/W flap.

    is it a night and day bag I really want this bag but I'm afraid about the size (maybe too small).

    I will be very gratful if you include pictures that would be very helpful for me !!
  2. Anyone there to help??!! :smile:
  3. :flowers: I'm sure you will get some responses a little after the work day is over. I can't be of much help.
  4. E/W is small, and would only fit the minimal needs, lipstick, very small wallet, keys, phone. EW can transition easily to evening and going out, it is a small purse

    GST-not a purse so much, it's a tote-Ha, thus Grand Shopping Tote. Good for everyday-fits a lot, but not for going out at night, too big.

    search for GST/look at GST club for pictures.

    E/W-do a search, sorry cuz I don't know how to link. I like E/W-single flap-day or night-small.
  5. I'm actually not looking for big bag I have couple of LV's and the panarea all big enough so I'm really interested on the E/W (gold) but then would love to see some pictures to be sure.

    Thank you for u're answer, actually I'm in sweden its like midnight over here :smile: wanna go to paris right know to get it :sad:

    But looking forward any answer !!
  6. If you want a day and nigth bag, I would go with m/l flap instead of the e/w flap. To me the e/w flap is a true evening bag.

    PST was my first Chanel bag as at the time I was to be able to use my Chanel for both day/night not just night time. Then I got a m/l flap later.

    Have you tried the PST before? GST might be too big for night out.... to me the PST works for both day and night...jmo.

    But if you want something dif that a tote bag since you already have dior bag for day time, I would suggest go with the m/l flap. HTH & GL ;)
  7. Actually the thing that bother me is the price I can pay max 1540 which is the price of the GST while the E/W flap is 1370 I think but I have no idea for the m/l flap price which is probably higher :sad: