Help me plan my wedding!! Part II: Bridesmaid dress

  1. This is part 2 of my: Help me plan my wedding.

    Everyone at work is pressuring me.......
    My wedding is set for May 17th, 2008. So far I've ordered my dress. Didn't need any advise on it since I fell in love with it when I've first laid eyes on it. No other dresses caught my eye.

    I bought a Vwidon dress and I couldn't be more happier.


    So now that my dress pressure is gone it's time for colors and bridesmaid dresses. Honestly, I don't have a color in mind. I just want to find a nice bm dress and pick a color from the ones available.

    I have no idea where to start. The only bridal shop in my town is David's Bridal. So far I haven't seen anything. Haven't had time to go online. Constantly working. The only reason why I'm actually on the purse forum is because I'm home sick.

    So fellow tPFers. Can you help me out? Do you know any online stores or are there any pics of dresses at David's Bridal that you can post up for me to take a second look at? Thanks!!
  2. Jinsun, congrats on your's great that you found your dress as that's one of the toughest wedding task. As for bm dresses, there're some department stores that have their own bridal salon these days such as macys and bloomies. So you might want to check if there're any around your area. I recalled looking through macys while searching for my wedding. Also my friend got my vera wang bm dress from bloomies. So definitely check those. As for the color, since you're having a spring wedding, you might want to go with the lighter color. I personally thought anything with pastel would work but that's up to your preference. Recently my friend got married and she used a green color and it was very nice & different. Good luck!
  3. Congrats Jinsun! I've stood in 3 weddings now and I do have to say the best dresses I got was from J.Crew. Though they are definitely pricier than they were before, they have great syles that the bridesmaids will wear again. Also, check Ann Taylor and all major department stores like Ling Girl said. There are great dresses out there that are formal enough for a bridesmaid dress yet versatile enough for people to be able to wear them again.

    Oh! Also, check BCBG, they've had cute dresses out lately and I know two brides that have used those dresses for their bridesmaids.
  4. My wedding is the same day as yours! :tup:

    I'm currently hunting for BM dresses, too. Online, I've been looking at J.Crew, Ann Taylor, BCBG, Max Studio, Nordstroms, Alfred Angelo, David's, and Alfred Sung for ideas.
  5. Congrats on your engagement. I'm in a wedding in the spring and the dresses are going to be from Lynn Lugo. They have some very pretty stuff. The website is The bride was also looking at,,, and JCrew. The bridesmaid dresses at my wedding were from Nicole Miller and really beautiful.
  6. Oh I forgot to mention, when selecting the bm dress, keep in mind everyone has different bodyshape or height. So what you need to find a dress that fits nicely on all the girls. Definitely think about getting opinions from your bridesmaids on their preference. I got my bm their dresses from Aftersix. Check out or They list out the local vendors who carry the dresses.
  7. Do you want your bridesmaid's to be wearing uniform dresses, or will you allow them to choose dresses in different styles (to suit their body types) but maybe in the same color?
  8. I just want to say that that dress is absolutely stunning and I hope you have an amazing wedding. :heart:
  9. I do want everyone to have the same dress or my maid of honor can have a different dress...somewhat similar but in the same color.

    Went to David's bridal and tried a few on with my maid of honor but didn't really like any of them. =(

    This is such a headache!!
  10. At least you still have a couple months! How cool, two tPFers are getting married the same day! Congrats, congrats! :}
  11. Hi Jinsun,

    I'm getting married on May 4th :yahoo:

    I've planned out most things now cos I've had the luxury of a long engagement (we got engaged in June 2005).

    First things first, what skin complexion do your bridesmaids have?

    And secondly, any words to describe your ideal wedding and what designers inspire you?

    For me, I used the idea of an old fairytale. I also love the soft layering of Valentino and Alberta Ferretti (This always helps to set the mood of your wedding).

    Hope this helps to get you thinking!
  12. London,
    All my bridesmaid are asian. 1 korean and 2 filipino. They all have light complexion. As for setting the mood, I haven't thought of anything like that. I plan on buying the dresses for them and I'm afraid that if I look at designer dresses, no other will catch my eye. I haven't even picked out colors yet. I just want to find the dress and then choose a color that's available.
  13. What is your price range? Jim Hjelm makes gorgeous bridesmaiddresses. They're more than David's Bridal, but I don't think they're crazy expensive...

    ps- I LOVE your dress!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:
  14. Thank you claire.

    My price range maybe no more than $200.
  15. Jinsun,

    Even though Alfred Sung is probably out of your price range, there is a fantastic dress colour picker for all different dress shapes. It's a great way for you to decide on colour and silohuette shape. Here is a link:

    For gorgous milky asian skin, I've attached a few suggestions for you below.

    AfredSungChoc.jpg AfredSungTaupe.jpg AfredSungWhite.jpg AfredSungWisteria.jpg