Help me plan my wedding!! Part I: Ring settings


Feb 4, 2006
Haven't set an official date yet but we're hoping for memorial weekend of 2008. We're looking for settings at this moment and I would appreciate it if everyone could help participate. I don't have time to surf the internet, mainly just browse TPF and check my email so I wouldn't even know where to begin. It would mean alot for my fellow tpf friends to help me out.

Here's what I'm considering at the moment:

A. Jaffe-Plantinum Signature $6,670 w/matching band

Gottlieb Sons-Platinum $3,600.....not sure how much more a matching band would be.

BTW, I have a 1ct. Princess cut stone. I LOVE the micro pave look but will consider anything. Price limit no more than $7,000.

This should be fun!! TIA!!!!


FYI I am a guy
Apr 20, 2006
personally i don't like the overdone pave diamonds. I would like the 1st choice more if it was minus the paves (at least the sides) same with second, but hey whatever you LOVE its your ring! Of the two i like the 1st more, tension set = more sparkle lol. I think an engagement ring should be on the simpler side because its worn daily with anything and everything. Would you be happy to wear this to the gym, corner store and bumming around? Just my 2 cents not that i really know what I'm talking about lol


Mar 1, 2007
are you looking to reset your engagement ring?? or just looking for a band? if you're resetting, the artdeco look (2nd one) will make your 1 ct. look twice as big, if that's what you're looking for. me personally, i like a cleaner setting...of the 2, i like the 1st one.


Nov 1, 2005
I think both choices are really lovely and unique. I'm a bit biased as I have a micropave halo e-ring as well, but I think I prefer the first one because I'm not a huge fan of too much bling/diamonds in the setting.

My own e-ring was custom made because I was adamant about not having any diamonds in the setting (I guess I'm weird) except in the halo portion itself.

I would try posting your suggestions at Pricescope. They are very helpful with their suggestions, esp. if you need other set ideas.

Good luck!


Feb 4, 2006
I guess it would be resetting? I don't know.....
My fiance just got a tiffany style band because he wasn't sure what I like and told me we could look for settings and have it redone. So far those two are the styles that I'm currently considering since there isn't a wide variety where I live. You guys can vote on the two, but what I would really like is if you guys can help me surf the internet.

Type in a website and post a ring with the brand/style #. :P