Help me Plan my Trip to NY, NY!!

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  1. I want to go to NY for two reasons:
    1. To see the Color Purple on Broadway
    2. For business reasons-trying to find apparel sources/manufacturers.

    I plan to in August sometime-so what are the best/safest/cheapest areas to stay for a week? Does anyone who works in the garment/apparel industry know of good guides to manufacturing/apparel sources that I can check out? Or is it a thing that you just have to hit the pavement?

    I'm really excited about this. I wanted to go to Europe this summer, but that won't happen, so NY is the next best thing.:smile:
  2. d,
    Try searching fodors or tripadvisor for hotel/location ideas. The people on those forums are awesome and you'll get some great ideas. There are some small b&b type places but NY is never cheap. There are probably deals/packages out there too. If you tell me your budget I can help more.
  3. I don't have any business recommendations since my trips there have been purely for leisure, and my school organised everything. I can tell you that saying in Jersey is much cheaper, but you'll have to drive like 20 mins to get to the city.

    Have some fun there too, it's an amazing place! If I were rich I'd share homes in NYC and London, my favouritest places in the whole world.
  4. Thanks Jenskar snd Miss Mustard,
    I checked out the rates-and things are really expensive. On top of that, I'm going by myself, so I've decided to "impose" upon relatives.

    I haven't been to New, York since I was a child, and while I do have a sense of adventure, after I posted this-I realized it would probably a nightmare logistically if I wanted one of my family members to be a guide for me and I stayed in a hotel across town or in Jersey!!!

    So, nice suggestions for places to shop would be nice now? Of course, places with great deals-esp on handbags.LOL.
  5. There is a little hotel in the Yorkville/Sutton area called The Bentley. Right off the FDR drive it is not in the most pleasant location but certainly a safe neighborhood. I put up some relatives there once and we were all pleasantly surprised and it was not too expensive. Other than that another option are some of the college clubs...if you are an ivy alum or have reciprocals from your college they often offer rooms at very reasonable prices, esp. in the summer. My best tip...go the the Met Museum and see the new Greek and Roman galleries as well as the Poiret exhibit...the entrance fee is suggested $20.00 but well worth it. If it is a nice day go up to the roof and get a smoothie and enjoy the amazing view.
  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH KALODIE!!!This was an awesome tip!!

    I read some reviews, and besides the noise-it seems the best place for me. I've decided to bring my brother along with me, so I we can explore the city as Ilook for contacts. Thanks Again!!
  7. One more question-is this area near Queens?
  8. Dlovely, me and the BF are flying into NYC at the beginning of July and we'll be there for about a week. Originally my BF told me to look for some tickets to any play I wanted to see, so naturally I first thought: The Color Purple. After booking our airline tickets tonight he went to Ticketmaster online and after he looked for tickets he told me that the Color Purple isn't in NYC anymore, that it's now in Chicago or something. I hate I won't get to see it but I'm thinking of going to see The Lion King instead. Maybe in August The Color Purple will be back in NYC? I'm not sure how that works.

    It will be my first time in the city in nine years, so I'm extra-excited to be going back!
  9. The Color Purple is still in NYC. I passed the theatre last night.
  10. This is on the upper far east side of NYC, not Queens. All the bouroughs are a short bus/subway or cab ride away. There is a bus near this hotel that will take you to mid town...57th. st. all the way west. It is the M31 and goes down York ave. and turns west on 57th. St. Pretty central to wherever you want to go. You should get a metro card when you get there and remember public transit does not take bills...only change or metro card. I would check ebay for theater tickets to anything and understand that if it is a local seller they can not jack up the prices past face value because of our laws here. I also suggest waiting on the TKTS line in Times Sq. for same day tickets but there is no guarantee you will get the show you want. Good luck.

  11. Hopefully it will still be there when we go in July. I really would like to see it.
  12. I stayed at the bentley before (b4 moving to ny) and its nice. the only downside is the walk to the subway. I think the crowne plaza around midtown has comparable prices too. August is a great time for sales... there are deals everywhere!
  13. Hey everyone! Thanks for all of your input!! I'll do some more searching, and I will keep you guys up to date:wlae:

    As for the Color Purple, Fantasia Barrino has a six month commitment, so her time will not be up until October I think, and I don't know if they will still run the show past that. The color purple is also playing in Chicago (with Michelle williams from Destiny's Child as Shug Avery), so I think that cast may travel the country?? Not sure thouhj. But Happy Memorial Day everyone-I'm enjoying a rare paid vacation day:yahoo: